Friday, January 16, 2009


I'm beginning another journey with educational technology in 2009! I am more committed to learning new tools - especially Web 2.0 and mobile devices - and using the tools in different ways - as part of online social networks and online problem/project based learning.

So far I have realized that I need to become a different type of user myself, so I can better model and better understand the potential! I began earlier this week with some online staff development on Atomic Learning - The Seven Steps to a Flat Classroom Workshop. I am about halfway through and am really excited about some of the things I've listened to and read, hence this blog. I realized that if I am going to promote asynchonous instruction on our campus; I need to participate in some myself. I need to be willing to put myself "out there." One of the goals of this blog is to begin conversations, spark ideas in myself and others, and hopefully transform some classrooms in the process.

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