Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Web 2.0 Tools

I have found the Online Conference that Beth, a fellow teacher, shared with me a while back and have been finding out about more tools!

There I listened to this session which led me to some new nings:

Leading the Change
There’s Something Going on Here You Need to Know About…

I also watched Carl Anderson's slideshow in which he has a fabulous video with some real thoughtful comments by Alan November and others - worth watching!

Digital Backpack - Killer Online Apps

Here is his Digital Backpack

And, here are some other things I learned about today:

I just created this slideshow in BubbleShare. I thought it would have text underneath it to tell a little story or something but I couldn't get the comment button to work - kept getting an error message! At first I thought I could even record over it, but that doesn't appear to be true. Anyway, you can add some entertaining clip art to the pictures easily.

BubbleShare: Share photos - Easy Photo Sharing

I also set up my laptop so I can participate in live conferences like the one that is happening Saturday AM (however, I don't think I can attend because I have to work).

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