Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Stuff for Us!

Can I stop learning? This is SO much out there for us and our students! Here are some of the ones that I have found and are working with right now!
The last one is I found this slideshow that I plan to share with our staff next week. And, is it easy to share with you also! See the previous post! I found this slideshow, joined, (refound the slideshow), clicked on the blogger button, clicked again to allow it on my blogger site and voila! There it was!
Once you add the "Diigolet" to your links toolbar, yo uare set to go! Open a webpage, click your Diigolet" link. The Diigo toolbar opens across the top of your webpage. Bookmark the site, add tags, highlight text and write sticky notes! Then, group the bookmarks from your Diigo bookmark page. Really powerful for helping students navigate through sites!
Although this stie costs money, it is such a powerful tool! The possibilities in classrooms K-12 and across content areas are endless!

Better go for now!

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